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If you don’t see the answer to your question on this page, please don’t hesitate to call Hyundai of Cool Springs and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you.

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Vehicle Maintenance

How often should I change the oil?
Part of the Hyundai Cool Springs ownership experience involves letting US worry about the answers to questions like these so that you don’t have to! When it’s time for your scheduled maintenance, someone from our service center will give you a call so that the proper arrangements can be made. Of course, you could always check the owner’s manual of your specific model for more details.
At Hyundai of Cool Springs, we save you the trouble of keeping up with your mileages by performing inspections whenever you check in. As such, you can trust our technicians to keep you updated on the quality of your oil and notify you whenever it needs to be changed.
When should I replace the battery?
This is an easy one – just check the warranty date on the battery itself. The letter you see will represent a month – A for January, B for February, etc. The number is the year. So if you check your battery and see a number that says D17, for example, this means that you should replace your battery in April of 2017. You should always change the battery just prior to that date so that you don’t find yourself stranded in an unfortunate situation.
What do I do if my car does not start?
It could be a few things – a dead battery, a broken alternator or a bad starter. Likewise, you could be dealing with a broken timing belt or even a bad sensor. If the issue is the starter, you’ll know because you’ll hear a clicking noise when you try to engage the ignition. A dead battery, on the other hand, might also cause that noise. If you have your trusty voltmeter handy, check the battery yourself – it should have at least 12 volts when the vehicle is off. If the voltage does not drop below 10.5 volts when you turn the key with the voltmeter connected, the problem is likely your starter.
My “service engine soon” light is on. What do I do?
Why, you should “service your engine soon,” of course! Just give us a call at Hyundai Cool Springs and one of our techs will plug a code reader into the diagnostic port of your Hyundai. This will allow us to quickly diagnose the problem and get to the heart of the matter.

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How often should I replace the tires?
This, of course, depends on a few different things – like how you drive, where you drive and what type of tires you have in the first place. Tires always wear faster if you drive a lot on rough surfaces like gravel. Highway tires (those made of softer rubber) always wear faster, too. Every tire has an estimated number of miles on it that it is expected to last. Check your tires for wear, low pressure and other imperfections whenever you have the opportunity to do so.
Must my new tires be aligned?
This is always a good idea, because if your car’s tires have an uneven wear pattern they could need replaced sooner than you’d like. Definitely have an alignment done whenever you get new tires just to be on the safe side.
What type of tires should I buy?
This is another one of those questions that you can let Hyundai Cool Springs handle. We’ll talk to you about what type of driving you do and where you commonly go, which will put us in the best position to recommend the absolute best type of tire for your driving habits. It really doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that!


When should I replace my belts and hoses?
The time frame on this is going to vary, but generally speaking soft or cracked hoses should always be replaced. When belts start to show signs of dry rotting, or if the bottom side gets a bit shiny or it can no longer keep tension, you’ll want to change your belts as soon as you can.
What is the difference between OEM and generic parts?
OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” – which means that they’re made by the same people who made your car. In this case, that would be Hyundai. Generic parts are normally made by another manufacturer and while they often do fit your car, they just don’t have the types of quality checks that OEM parts do. You can rest easy knowing that at Hyundai Cool Springs, we ALWAYS use only OEM parts for all procedures.

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Drive smarter
My Hyundai with Blue Link® adds new levels of ease and functionality, not just when you drive, but also before you get into your vehicle and even after you’ve reached your destination. My Hyundai with Blue Link lets you do the following:
  • Remote Start with Climate Control
  • Remote locking
  • Vehicle Health Reports
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Find Nearby Gas Stations
  • POI Search by Voice
  • Car Finder


Hyundai Bluetooth Connect


Hyundai HomeLink

Does Your Car Have a Safety Recall?

Recalls have been in the news a lot lately. We know you have questions about the effect of these recalls on the safety of you and your passengers. We can’t service every vehicle with an open recall, but we can alert you if your vehicle has one.

Find out if your car is affected.

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